Youth Strength, Speed &
Agility Training Program

CrossFit IPA was founded in 2016 to help athletes reach their personal fitness potential. Every athlete regardless of age is unique in their motivations, abilities and interests. We work hard to challenge our athletes while giving them an energetic experience through a very supportive team atmosphere. Our staff consists of certified CrossFit coaches with extensive experience in strength and conditioning, gymnastics, Olympic lifting and youth sports training and coaching. Many of our coaches are college athletes that understand the rigors of sports including the physical dedication and mental focus it takes to be successful.

We have developed a plan to meet the individual needs of young athletes as they develop. The training strategy is based on the individual athlete. At CrossFit IPA, we customize our programs based on several factors:

•  Developmental need of the athlete
•  Ability
•  Age
•  Sport(s) the athlete plays

CrossFit IPA Training Programs

At CrossFit IPA, we have several training programs for the youth athlete. Each program is based on the individual sport and time of year. Our programs are focused to ensure that they meet the specific need of the athlete.

Pre and Post season Programs

In-Season Programs

Specialized Programs

Talent is a small component of what it takes to become a successful athlete. To be the best at a sport, athletes must do work beyond the games and regular practices. The athletes that are willing to do this work will find great success and achieve the long-term goals they have set for themselves.

Youth Rates

IPA Personal Training Punch Card G1


5 sessions

2-16 athletes

60 min

IPA Personal Training Punch Card G2


10 sessions

2-16 athletes

60 min

IPA Personal Training Punch Card G3


20 sessions

2-16 athletes

60 min

We understand that families and athletes are busy. The punch card packages we have designed will allow the athlete to use their sessions at any of the regularly scheduled Youth Strength, Speed and Agility classes. The package does not expire and does not need to be used in successive classes. Come and train when the class fits your schedule.

Let CrossFit IPA help your athlete achieve their goals!

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