I encourage anyone that is new to just give it a try. Five years ago I knew nobody at the CrossFit gym I joined but I stepped out of my comfort zone and I’ve been hooked since. At IPA everyone is laid back and friendly and I think all levels of athletes who have a good attitude and want to improve feel at home.

Brian C.

Believe me when I say anyone can do CrossFit. Anyone. It took me about four years to finally try it after my husband started. Grab one of your BFFs and try the bootcamp. It makes all the difference to start with a bud.

Kristin P.

After finishing my (college) football career I pretty much stayed out of the gym. I’ve always been active with sports but I as I passed 40 that wasn’t enough to keep me fit. Then Crossfit IPA opened next to my office (yeah!). I’d never done CrossFit but if it could help me look like the people running past the warehouse every morning I decided to give it a shot. Holy crap it was hard but Dave did a great job of creating an environment that kept me motivated. It was FUN. Well, most of it that didn’t involve the word “Bulgarian” was fun. I started getting stronger and improved my cardio.

Bill M.

I joined CrossFit IPA a little more than a year ago and finally see the results I was missing after 20 years at various gyms. I am down 35 lbs, lifting more weight than I ever thought I would and my cardio is far better than it has ever been. The coaches and community made me feel at home from the start and they have pushed me to work harder than I thought possible. I highly recommend giving this gym a try!

Tom S.

Two things I was looking for that I haven’t found in 4 years: community and a workout that pushes me past my comfort zone. I found both at CrossFit IPA. I was addicated after my first Saturday team WOD! My friends kept telling me that I need to try crossfit and one highly recommended IPA specifically because of Dave and Chelsea. She told me they are awesome coaches who focus on correct form first. She wasn’t wrong! I love it there!

Connie G.

I enjoy the workouts and challenges of CrossFit. Once I learn and get strong enough to do something new I am on to my next weakness. I never enjoyed working out alone and I’ve met some pretty great friends along the way that have supported me through very hard times in life.

Angie H.

It is totally worth it if you commit. You don’t have to be good at any type of sport; you just have to be mentally willing to give it a shot. The workouts are challenging and will get you in the best shape of your life. And what better way to get a sweat in than with people who have the same goals as you?! The motivation I have received from CrossFit IPA is like no other. It will change your whole mindset about working out…trust me!

Rachel H.

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