"Finding a healthy balance"

EAT Nutrition

EAT Nutrition is here to help you find a healthy lifestyle that fits your needs. I want to show you how there is a way to balance life with healthy eating decisions. EAT Nutrition wants you to hit your goals in your diet, personal life and career.

Elicia Scanlon holds a Precision Nutrition certification and is based in-house at Crossfit IPA. She is available to answer any of your nutrition questions. 

Interested in getting started?
Contact Elicia with any questions! A free consultation is available prior to purchasing a package. Come see what we have to offer. 

Not a CrossFit IPA member?
No problem! We’d still love to help you with your nutrition goals. Non-member nutrition rates are available. Rates listed below are for current CrossFit IPA members.

Month 1

$ 225
  • Comprehensive body fat testing and goal setting to meet your needs
  • Customized macros and calories in MyFitnessPal
  • 30-minute weekly check-ins with Elicia. Daily remote check-ins and encouragement.
  • Help with diet planning to fit your daily routine (work, workout, sleep, kids, etc.).
  • Extra fitness programing on top of the usual WOD.
  • Meal planning ideas and suggestions along with grocery lists.

Month 2&3

$ 150
  • *Rates listed are for current CrossFit IPA members. Contact for non-member rates.

Month 4&on

$ 100
  • *Rates listed are for current CrossFit IPA members. Contact for non-member rates.


I started working with Elicia in January as part of the annual Crossfit IPA nutritional challenge. When I started the challenge I weighed in at 232 lbs. I felt like I knew a little bit about nutrition but that initial meeting with Elicia quickly proved me wrong. She explained and helped me understand calories and macros and the role they play in better nutrition. She got me set up on MyFitnessPal and showed me how to use it which made everything a lot easier to manage. She was always there to answer any questions I had. When I felt like I hit a wall or things weren’t going right, she was there, encouraging me, helping me push through. She never let me slack off. She made sure I was training regularly and eating right! With her knowledge and guidance I lost over 30 lbs. and I won the challenge!! I’ve learned so much about nutrition and how important it is from working with Elicia. My wife was fascinated by the results that I had working with Eliciaso she became a client as well. Since working with Elicia she has lost over 50 lbs. Elicia has helped us change our bodies and our lives!! Thank you so much “E”!!!

Daniel B.

Transformation part 2 + 1 Some of you read my first transformation story in our 614fitness newsletter. Well I’m back to give an update and I brought along the heart to my soul…my husband Daniel. We started our “for real this time” journey January 2018. He joined a challenge at his gym and was under the watchful eye of nutritionist Elicia. I, out of support for my husband, said I would make some changes in my eating and commit to making the gym a priority. He beasted out sticking to “E’s” nutritional game plan and extra workouts, losing over 30 lbs and won his challenge. I was like, “I want everything he had to get me to where I needed to be”. So he introduced me to Elicia and she took me on as a client. When I tell you it was the best decision I’ve ever made for my health and weight loss, knowdat! I have no regrets. When the next challenge started at CrossFit IPA, yours truly joined and yep, I won it. Elicia is so knowledgeable and dedicated to helping anyone who is serious about being the best version of you possible. Trust her process she’ll never let you down.

Tammy B.

I owe a big debt of gratitude to Elicia for her coaching and encouragement over the last three months. I was able to lose 34 lbs without feeling hungry, grouchy, or weak just by eating the right foods at the right times. I knew very little about nutrition so Elicia was fighting an uphill battle with me from the beginning, but she started off by making me a grocery list and an example meal plan using My Fitness Pal. She set my desired calorie and macro levels in the app for work out and rest days. This made it super easy! Along the way she checked my macros and would text me if I was getting off course. I sometimes wondered if she had some sort of alert on her phone because she didn’t let me slack at all! When she didn’t see me at the gym she would ask if I was still exercising. She really kicked me in the pants when I needed it!

I learned so much about nutrition through this process and can now see how crappy my diet was. It feels so amazing to have the tools in my tool chest that I need to be able to keep my weight under control and give my body the nutrients it needs. Elicia opened my eyes to all of this. She was practical, tough, and supportive all at the same time, which really made me want to do this not only for me but for her.

Tom S.

I began my journey with Elicia about a year and a half ago. I was getting married and struggling to lose weight on my own. I began at 196 pounds. I am 5’2 and late 30s. I had tried all the fad diets and quick ways to drop a few pounds. I had a little success with each but not a sustainable lifestyle. When I began with Elicia I was about 175-180lbs. I needed a real lifestyle change and something that works for me. She gave me the tools and a plan and only asked that I stick with it. That’s the hardest part in my opinion. She was very patient but firm through the last year or so and helped me at each plateau. If I hit a wall or got off track, like the holidays, vacations or a long weekend of cocktails and cookouts, she always made herself available. She provided me workouts tips; meal plan tips and changes along the way help my weightless journey. I am now down to 150lbs and from a size 16 to an 8. I have my slip ups but overall with Elicia’s help I have got my body back. I am healthy across the board and growing muscles I never knew I had. I’ve learned what works for me and can make healthy choices. I appreciate Elicia’s help.

Tiffany M.

After working with Elicia for just two short months, I lost 20 pounds with nothing more than a change in my diet. While Elicia was instrumental in helping me set up and track my macros, the most important thing she did was to help keep me accountable until I was able and willing to be accountable myself. She was always there to pick up the phone and talk me through a restaurant menu to ensure I was making smart choices while educating me in why they were the smart choice. In the months after, Elicia always made a point to check in and make sure I was staying on track. With Elicia’s support, I have been able to make nutrition a permanent lifestyle change. Thank You, Elicia!!

Bill M.