Month: July 2017

2017.7.31 CROSSFIT

CrossFit IPA – CrossFit Snatch (EMOM 12) 2 minute Rest Clean and Jerk (EMOM 12) 4 Minute Assault (Calories) 4 minutes to complete as many Calories on possible on the Assault Bike Metcon (No Measure) Bonus ABS/CORE: 3 rounds for quality- 30s scissor kicks 30s Flutter 30s Toes touches 30s Single leg knees tucks

2017.7.21 BEGINNER

CrossFit IPA – Beginner Metcon (No Measure) Warm Up: Assault Bike Game Turkish Get Up (7×2) Metcon (Time) Dumbbell Fran 21-15-9 DB Thruster Pull Up

2017.7.30 CROSSFIT

CrossFit IPA – CrossFit Metcon (Time) Today’s workout is a two-parter for total time. Part 1 will begin outside at the Huntely Bowl, followed by part 2 in the gym! Part 1… 5 Stair climbs Advance DB 25yds, complete 10 Snatches 5 Stair Climbs Advance DB 25yds, complete 10 snatches 5 Stair climbs Advance DB …

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2017.7.29 BEGINNER

CrossFit IPA – Beginner Push Press (5×5) Every 1:30 Metcon (Time) 400m run 10/10 DB plank row 200m run 8/8 DB plank row 100m run 5/5 DB plank row Buy Out: 200m DB Farmer Carry


CrossFit IPA – Youth Training Metcon (No Measure) Agility 3x through: 10 Jumping Jacks 10 Jump Squats Cone taps ladder 10 lateral hops over piralette lunge back to start Cone Taps **Set up 8-10 KBs in line. Kids are in plank position and laterally walk through tapping KBs with each hand Metcon (No Measure) Rope …

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2017.7.29 CROSSFIT

CrossFit IPA – CrossFit Metcon (Time) PARTNER WOD 4 Rounds for time: *alternate each movement 400m Run 12 Burpees 12 Inverted Rows 12 Box Jumps 12 Ball over Bar

2017.7.27 CROSSFIT

CrossFit IPA – CrossFit Metcon (Weight) EMOM 21: a) 5 Squat Cleans b) Ring Dips 8-12 c) 40-60 Double Unders *score weight used Metcon (No Measure) L-sit 3 x 30-45s Plank Leg Extension 4 x 45-60s

2017.7.26 BEGINNER

CrossFit IPA – Beginner Romanian Deadlift (5×8 with 21×1 Tempo) Review Form and Skill. Superset with 20 Banded Hammy curls Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) 3 Rounds 2:00 max cal bike :15 rest 2:00 man makers :15 rest 1:00 max jump rope 1:00 rest

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